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Laser Eye Surgery Costs – Why It Varies So Much

Laser Eye Surgery

Normally the laser eye surgery price is given for one eye. At Laser eye Surgery Costs, The price of the lasik surgery procedure that is advertised varies widely. As a matter of fact, it has been shown that only about three percent of all lasik providers have a laser eye surgery costs lower than $1000 per eye.

During the last few years the eye surgery costs has increased. In 2002, the average lasik laser eye surgery costs ranged between $1,550 and $1,600, at the end of 2004, lasik laser eye surgery costs raised above $1,800. You could see the increase in the price of laser surgery for example in the TLC Laser Eye Centers, a leading lasik provider. They had an average price of $1,800 in 2002 but at the end of 2004, the average laser eye surgery costs rose to $1,957 and at the beginning of 2005 the price was $1,983.

How Much Laser Eye Surgery Cost

Laser eye surgery cost had been increasing which is rate about 15-20% each year for the past 3-4 years. Laser eye surgery cost calculated per eye, because many patients do not require surgery in both eyes. Patients who are seeking surgery in both eyes must keep in mind that the price they are quoted will need to be doubled if the surgery is to cover both their left and right eyes. Laser eye surgery is the most effective way to correct your vision and this procedure undergone without pain, so how much laser eye surgery cost should be not a big problem.

Each region at US have a different cost for laser eye surgery, A study performed by the national publication Review of Ophthalmology showed that the Southern and Northeastern U.S. averaged a slightly higher cost for LASIK and LASER surgeries, at approximately $1,900 – $2,000 per eye, than procedures performed in the Midwest or West, at approximately $1,800 to $1,900 per eye. Yet the Northeast, Midwest, and West regions have large price ranges. The minimum price per eye in the Northeast was $1,250 while the maximum cost was twice the cost at $2,500. Prices in the Midwest ranged from a low of $1,300 per eye to $2,400 per eye.

Most shocking though were laser eye surgeries in the West: the lowest cost provider charged just $900 per eye, while the most expensive provider charged a whopping $2,750 per eye – a difference of $1,850 per eye. There were little price variations in the Southern United States.

Corrective Eye Surgery Cost

Today many people choosing Lasik or laser surgery procedure to correct their eyesight, even that procedure need more cost and having side effects and complications, but effectiveness of the procedure make corrective eye surgery cost was ignored by some people. There are a lot of advantages to corrective laser eye surgery.

To start with, you’ll now not need glasses and contacts lenses. That is one thing that creates a number of trouble for most people, because they’re often lost, misplaced, or broken. They may have to be replaced each year, and also you continually must get new ones. Needing glasses and contacts additionally makes issues like water sports activities tough since you either have probability of dropping your contacts, put on prescription goggles, or simply go without being able to see well.

Risks Of Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Laser eye surgery, in general, is a safe laser eye surgery procedure. Although serious complications of laser eye surgery procedure do not occur frequently, it is still important to know the possible serious side effects that you can get from it. It has been associated with cellular debris that was left underneath the corneal flap created during laser eye surgery. Both diffuse lamellar keratitis and corneal ectasia can result in blurring of vision. Severe cases of both diffuse lamellar keratitis and corneal ectasia require corneal transplant.

It is possible to minimize your risk of developing complications of corrective laser eye surgery procedure. Discuss fully with your eye surgeon what the risks are of your laser eye surgery procedure.

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