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Smoky Eye

Each one takes a different eye makeup application Many women already know their eye shape. Here are your Deep Set, Eye Makeup Application Directions:

• Light shade under eye brow and on the lid.

• Medium eye color from outer corner toward the nose, applied along the brow bone. Blend up and out, opening the eye. Still wanting more eye makeup tips? Your distinct eye makeup application will open your Deep Set eye shape.

Eye Makeup Application Tips and Techniques For Your Hooded Eye Shape

Each one takes a different eye makeup application. Many women know their eye shape already. That flap partially covers the eye ball itself, giving what some call ‘puppy-dog eyes.’ Recognize that your eye shadow technique will make a definite improvement. Standard Eye makeup application ideas won’t work for you. Choose a light, medium, and dark eye color.

Here are your Hooded Eye Makeup Application Directions:

• Medium eye color- applied from the base of the top lashes over all of the hooded eye area

• Accent shadow color- applied on top of the medium shade from the middle of the eye outward and upward to the light shade under the brow.

Your distinct eye makeup application will open your Hooded Eye shape.

3 Step Eye Makeup Application Technique For Beautiful And Attractive Eyes

1. Choose the right eye shadow suitable for yourself

Eye shadows are mainly classified into cream type and powder type. Powder type eye shadow is more suitable for higher age or with oily skin type.

2. Choose the right color

A brownish eye shadow is generally a natural selection for daytime.

3. Skillfully apply the eyeliner

After you finished applying the eye shadow, the next step would be wearing the eyeliner. Choose of eyeliner application includes eyeliner pencil, eyeliner liquid and eyeliner cream, and they have different usage and functions.

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Turner With the Smoky Eyes Makeup

Smoky eyes Makeup boast of dark and sultry eyes and are considered romantic and a great beauty booster. While the result of having a smoky eyes makeup is worth everything, its application can be pretty messy. When attending dinner, rock concerts, and other special events, the smoky eyes makeup effect can truly solicit admiring looks across the room. Your glam-looking eyes could grab everyone’s attention. To achieve this, these tips could be very helpful in creating a wonderful smoky eyes. Having a smoky eyes makeup effect, you need to use first the eye makeup primer.

Neutral shades like grays and browns can make the smoky eye look more modern and sophisticated. The best shade to choose when wanting to have a smoky eyes makeup, choose the shade that is a touch brighter than the tone of your skin. Smoky eye smakeup is also popular among Hollywood celebrities so makes it an even more popular eye makeup style to women from all walks of life.

How to Do Smoky Eye Makeup

An eyeshadow application starts with a good eye base applied in the entire eyelid. Apply a dark colored eyeshade sheer stick on the lower part of the eyelid, sweeping and blending the dark tone up to the crease line of the eyes. Deep purple is recommended for green eyed or blue eyed gals, while dark brown suits the brown eyed women. The hue of smoky eyes make up can be achieved thru the eyeliner which need to be applied on the upper eyelash.

A gray or a brown smoky eyes makeup can be achieved using an eyeliner with those colors. The key word in a creating smoky eyes is to blend. Smudge and blend this lighter eyeliner in upward motion for creating a smoky eyes makeup effect. Take Look how Lasik Eye Surgery works...

The next step is to apply a lighter based eye shadow color on the upper side of the eyelid. Use an eye shadow brush to blend the color upward from the lash line. Put eyeliners as well under the eyes for definition and smudge along with the upper eyelash line. A well blended dark shade will have the right smoky effect when properly blended. Needless to say, create your smoky eyes makeup in a well lit room to save time and avoid mistakes.